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Once You Know Better, You Do Better?


Did you know that black people are the biggest consumers in the United States? Most black communities are mega consumers. The sad thing is all of us have closets stuff with clothes we haven't worn in a year.. Bathroom cabinets stuffed with products we rarely used. Under the sink, our kitchen cabinet lurks a toxic waste dump.

Instead of just buying because, why not buy to add value. Why not buy with the intention. Buy to heal our ecosystem for the future of our children. Buy to empower your community.


Fun Facts You May Not Know

Black consumers and consumers of color alike are making considerable contributions to the overall market—in some cases representing more than 50% of the overall spending in key product categories. For example, half of the total spending ($941 million) on dry grains and vegetables in the U.S. in 2017 came from consumers of color. And Black consumers represented $147 million of the total spend in this category, which has recently made advances in product creation to meet the demands of their diverse buyers.

 Now more than ever before it is essential on what and where we spend each dollar. When we decide to spend, we should know what brands we support and why.

2020 was an unforgettable year. Hopefully we will not forget our resolve to support one another . We won't forget how vulnerability we are as human beings.

 How do we create more stability and sustainability?

 I love definition, let's be clear on what I mean when I say sustainability.

"Sustainability" what does that word mean;

  1. the ability to be maintained at a specific rate or level.
  2. "The sustainability of economic growth"
  • avoidance of the depletion of natural resources to maintain an ecological balance.
    • "the pursuit of global environmental sustainability"


How to continue going in the direction of Sustainability?  

  1. Food, can we grow our organic food?
  2. Reduce our Daily Toxins
  3. Reduce our carbon footprint as a community.
  4. Buy within our community to keep it economically strong.

It takes a tribe to do life right

Family is everything.  We have missed our loved ones. Rejoining our siblings, cousins and friends at our Matriarchs house is the highlight of this year.

Remember God called the family before he called the church, so we should make it essential to have each others back.  One thing for sure cancelling family members in this cancelling culture, it's not cool. We know Uncle Junebug was a drunk but we still let him come around the house on special occasions because he is part of our crazy family.

During the 4th of July I went back to my old neighborhood to attend a cookout.  It felt so good to be back in the hood eating coleslaw and  few ribs. There is no place like home.  

I saw old classmates and people I hung out with as a teen. We laughed and told stories.  My husband was shocked at some of them.  It felt like hot rolls and butter biscuits, it was pure love.  Some faces were worn more then others, some of us was double the size we were before.  But still the connection of being a part of a tribe felt like heaven.


Three takeaways for me;

  1. Your family is belonging
  2. Family loves you unconditionally
  3. They will tell you the truth about yourself not what you want to hear.

Although in this culture would say if your family is toxic separate from them.  What this culture fails to realize is when you are at your worse, who are you going to call? When you are at your best who will always have your back ?  

So, for me family is Sustainability.  What about you?


The Birdie and The Boys

Grandma's Lesson 

I'm sure I can't be the only one who looks for God in everything. I always have. I just happened to believe God gives us signs about the seasons we are in.  I believe we are interconnected with everything God put here on the planet. This Birdie story is just one of many parables I received over this Pandemic Time.

I caught my husband sometime back putting a rock on one of our Pillars on the porch.  It was big and flat.  When I inquired, I found out every year birds try to build nests there.  So, this year he was going to make sure they didn't have a home on our porch.  But Bitsy Birdie had other plans.

Just a little tea on recent happenings in Nature.  Animals are now bringing their young closer to humans to avoid them being eaten by a predator.  Our neighbors had mother deer to drop off their babies in the backyard just to come back later to get them.

As spring progressed.  I noticed a little birdie on my roof looking down at me.  It was the cutest thing.  But what really made me notice her was her song.  Every morning I would let my French Bulldog out  she would offer me a song.  I was really shocked that she didn't fly away when she saw me.   Next, I noticed her husband bird (lol), he had beautiful reddish orange markings, he was more timid then she.  

I noticed her trying to build a nest in the spot my husband had placed the rock.  I watched her for two days trying to get the sticks to stay put on top of the slightly angled rock  The twigs kept sliding off. Then it hit me, what if I needed a place to raise my children from the predator's in the world because I do?

I wondered if she had just as much right to build her nest there as I had living in our house taking up more space then I actually needed?  So, I got a wild idea to remove the rock without my husbands permission (forgive me Lord).  After all she sung so pretty for me.  I wanted to help a sister out even though she was of another specie.

 Up on a step ladder, with a broom handle I knocked the rock down. I figured life had enough obstacles.  Why couldn't I take the risk of my husband being displeased.  My office is near the front door.  I watched my husband walk by 20 minutes after I remove his rock.  I just knew he was going to catch me.  

Days later my Grandson came over eager to try their birthday binoculars.  I decided to share Mrs. Bitsy Birdie.  By then, Mrs. Birdie was well on her way  building the nest.  She gave me an opportunity in return.  She allowed me to show my grand boys her wonderful craft of basket weaving.  Who knew that work it takes for a little bird to build a nest with over 100 twigs, which for her is 100 flights.

My grandsons sat on our steps inside the house and peered over into our glass framed door with new binoculars in hands. They had a birds eye view (no pun intended lol)  to what God's creatures do.  The weekend was a chance to share with them how God created the creatures on the earth, how he loves them too and why we should protect them whenever possible..  

Bitsy Birdie gave me that opportunity to teach my grandboys to respect nature. I showed them that God's creatures should be respected and given a chance to thrive whenever possible.


Eco Challenge Of The Month



 Reduce Water Pollution


In the United States finding clean water has become a challenge.  I am sure this is not the first time we have head this.   

What is water pollution and why should we care?  Water pollution is defined as contamination of water bodies which includes lakes, rivers, oceans, and ground water.  It would shock you if you really knew the source of your drinking water and everything being done to our water chemically to make it clean enough to drink.

The population of this world is growing at an explosive rate, the water resources are also getting polluted at a higher rate. Water pollution-related problems and issues have been growing at a rapid pace and this in turn leading to more waterborne diseases.

"Water and air, the two essential fluids on which all life depends, have become global garbage cans."

~ Jacques Yves Cousteau

I was hoping black and brown people would get in the fight to leave a legacy of a healthy and habitable ecosystem.  How many of you have seen the movies showing the Apocalypses where the population couldn't go outside without mask and worse yet, they couldn't live on earth. The struggle is becoming real.

What can Black Sustainability do?   Of course using vegan (plant-based) products in your home like LaBella Vibes Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaning Spray is a good start.

Our Challenge Five Of The Month

  1. Use Less Plastic
  2. Reuse Item's
  3. Limited the use of Toxic Cleaning Chemicals
  4. Shop To Stop Water Pollution
  5. Reduce your use of the garbage disposal

Can we Do This?   Let me hear your plan?   Let's Do It!!

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