Our Mission

We are here to educate and improve lives of all families.  We want to educate B.I.P.O.C (Black, Indigenous People Of Color) Communities on what we may already know.  We must reduce our carbon footprint with a more sustainable lifestyle so mom's can have a healthier happier home.

Getting left behind or left out of a healthier, sustainable lifestyle showed during Pandemic. While all of us were impacted by the 2020 Virus the underserved had less opportunity to recover.

Households all over the world can avoid how many toxins they come in contact with daily.  Many of our household cleaners and cosmetic's have been known to cause contaminated water, lung conditions, autoimmune diseases, and childhood cancers. We believe we can implement change.

Our part in healing what ales the world starts in the home. What’s in the house is absorbed into the body. Our Mission to heal is why we call ourselves a Home-Apothecary store. Healing our home, body, and the earth around us is our “Why.”.

We endeavor to become an eco-friendly brand that encompasses Sustainability at every touchpoint—educating our communities on why we should value Sustainability. By buying a bottle of multi-surface cleaner you partner with us to get  Boots on the ground in Black, Asian, Indian, and Hispanic community centers of low to middle-income families. To teach and implement strategy as to why to clean with plant-based products.

We educate how essential oils benefit healthier living with their medications or alone. the message of recycle, reuse, brings awareness of sustainability for future generations.  Race and economics takes a back seat when it comes to everyone uniting to save our planet and ourselves.

We dedicate one dollar per bottle from the purchase of our Multi-Surface Spray to a non-profit dedicated to young women programs in highly sex trafficked communities. 

Here at LaBella Vibes, we help moms clean, so that they can have happier, healthier homes.

“Get the Vibes and the Clean”