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Indulge in the cozy warmth and enchanting aromas of our 8 oz Soy Coconut Blend Candles, available in two captivating scents: Peppermint Kisses and Maple Bourbon. Crafted for those chilly nights when you crave the perfect blend of ambiance and fragrance, these candles are a must-have addition to your home.

**Peppermint Kisses:**
Ignite the holiday spirit with the sweet and minty allure of Peppermint Kisses. Let the invigorating notes of peppermint fill the air, creating a refreshing and uplifting atmosphere. Perfect for creating a festive ambiance during the winter season, this scent is a delightful blend of sweetness and mint that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and merry.

**Maple Bourbon:**
For a more complex and intriguing experience, choose our Maple Bourbon candle. Immerse yourself in the rich, warm aroma of sweet maple combined with the sophisticated undertones of bourbon. This scent is perfect for those seeking a cozy and indulgent atmosphere, making it an ideal companion for a relaxing evening or a chilly night by the fireplace.

Our candles are crafted from a premium soy coconut blend, ensuring a clean and even burn. The 8 oz size provides hours of aromatic delight, making these candles the perfect addition to your home decor. Embrace the charm of the season with our Soy Coconut Blend Candles – whether you prefer the sweet and minty allure of Peppermint Kisses or the complex and intriguing scent of Maple Bourbon, each candle promises to elevate your space into a haven of warmth and sophistication.

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